Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ohio River Run

It seems like forever since I had an article in the paper - about 8 days. But here's what they've printed. An article on a 2-week research program done each year down the length of the Mighty Ohio River.

I have an inventory in of some other stories and a few I need to get done before I have to take a week off for vacation. I'm in a race against the clock on this. I can' do any work the last week of June and quarterly taxes are due July 15. I'd love for my June work to make (at least do the heavy lifting) on that mid-year payment to the man.

It was also a story in which I messed up - I guess. For some reason Iwrote July instead of August near the end of the story. That would be a boneheaded mistake. the big honcho editor at the Enquirer left me a message while I was at the gym. Then I mowed the grass. then I did some paperwork and noticed the light flashing on the machine. It was 9:45.

I called the night editor. Not only had I messed up the months, but 1) Miriam Steinholz Kannan hyphenates her name - everywhere except on the signature of the e-mails she sent me. What motivated the editors to check this I have no idea.

2) I had lengthed the Ohio River by 2 miles. Again, this is what the prof told me. I didn't think it any big deal, but it is. A very big deal! You see, if the Ohio River is two miles longer than previously thought it totally misses the Ol' Missisip. It drains into south east Missouri and trickles down into Arkansas. Once there that trickles turns into a deluge which floods Texas and Oklahoma. Sure it will empty out in Houston - but who wants to go to Houston?

Stay You.
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