Thursday, June 22, 2006

Taking a Break

Time for me to take a blogging break. I'll be back in a week or so. I'm heading down to my basement with 25 gallons of water, some nutrition bars, books, and my gun. I don't want to see anyone. I need a break.

Just some thoughts though.

Why am I hearing about the World Cup? Who cares? I'm no sports nut, but who really wants to watch a bunch of Euro-weanies and Third Worlders kick each other in the shins?

Nothing makes me question democracy more than the fact that Larry the Cable Guy is popular. He's not funny. Come over to my house and I'll let you pull my finger. Now give me $75 and put me in a Pixar movie.

I'm reading The Last Full Measure, a historical Civil War novel. I've also read The Killer Angels and Gods and Generals. Man, it must have sucked to be at Gettysburg.

Something really cool business wise and personal wise may be happening soon. Can't write about it here...but it's cool!

There's certain people we should all know about; here's one. And another.

I caught Seabiscuit again on the eliptical (sp?) at the gym. They intersperse photos of the depression to parrellel the narrative. Not thinking anything in particular or feeling anyway in particular I noticed something funny. All the poor people in soup lines were thin. Skinny. gaunt looking. I know plenty of people on public assistance in my neighborhood. Almost without exception they are fat...and smokers.

I was prodded by the above observation by a Indian friend of mine in his school. I asked why his physician father decided to come to the states. many reasons but one was the father read about the rising epidemic (this would have been the mid-70s) of obesity among the poor in the U.S. His father thought 'what a great country - the poor people are fat!'

I've always loved that story.

I have a mail box. I paid for it. Why can't the UPS man put something in it? Didn't I pay for it? We give up little things too easily. Frog in a frying pan.

Stay You.
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