Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thomas More College Jamaica Trip

I submitted a story to the Enquirer earlier this week that came back all marked with with question marks. No. Not the one I blogged about earlier. A different one. So I was feeling a bit like a loser. Being both negative and creative I had thoughts of them not returning my calls or e-mails ever again. "Howard? Oh, that guy," I could hear them sneer in the future. "What a disaster he is? He's the one that made a type in '06 and he submitted one substandard story."

So it felt good today when they ran this story on a college class in Jamaica almost word for word. I think there's alot going on with editors. Much like the Bandit, they have alot of work to do and a short time to get it done so my goal is to never ever EVER cause them a hassle. I want them to see my name and think - oh, this will be easy. That's how I want my investment clients to think of me also.

I'm feeling better.

Stay You.
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