Thursday, June 01, 2006

Where's All the Mexicans Gone?

I don't know if they were Mexicans or not. We have alot of Hondurans on this side of town.

There's a deluxe car was three doors down from my office and for the past 6 years these little 5 and half foot tall brown men were drying the cars. They worked fast and furious. They looked to be in their twenties or older.

Now it's nothing but a bunch of white kids drying the cars. Their taller butslightly over weight and have that slack jawed yokelness that says they're going to some tech school but will be dropping out with the first tough class and will be unskilled labor the rest of their lives. They don't work fast.

I want to ask but am afraid to be rude: "Where'd all the Mexicans Gone?"

Most like to better things.

Here's a post via Michelle Malkin about a man making a stand against his customers ordering in Spanish. His old Italian neighborhood is going Spanish and he gets pissed when customer's can't order clearly in English. As a small business man, my response is simple. "Hey dick, You're in a major city. You sell sloppy sandwiches. If someone hands you money for one you say 'Gracias'." I can't wait until my business is so successful I can offend major portions of my client base.

Stay You.
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