Monday, July 24, 2006

CSI NKU - Teacher's Union

I had two articles run in the Enqurier today. This one called NKU-CSI was about science classes for high school students at NKU. They use the CSI TV shows as a backdrop. I thought it was interesting. I would have like to do that as a dorky kid. The only drawback to my doing the story was that I've never seen one of those CSI shows before. Maybe I could have written it better if I had. Do I need to be more involved in pop culture to be a better writer?

I haven't watched a Law and Order since Mr. Big was on it. I've also never seen American Idol. However I do know who Simon is so there's a demonstration of the power of pop culture.

Also, the school called it NKU-CSI, even though I haven't seen the shows, shouldn't it be CSI-NKU?

The second story was this one over at NKU again. It got me a little burned up. I've read about this before. Apparently there's a shortage of foreign language teachers. But if your fluent in a language, you can't teach it. You have to have an education degree. What if you're some nice lady from Quebec and want to teach french to high school kids? Nope. You have to get an education degree. Someone with an education degree who took a minor in French would have a better chance at getting a job than that Quebecer. Sounds like a closed union shop to me. Under the same rules Einstein wouldn't be qualified to teach high school physics.

Stay You.
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