Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy 100th Anniversary

I mark a mile stone today. I didn't realize that a story ran today. I saw two but not the third.

Here's that third on Betsy Miglio Design. Betsy's an acquintance of ours (wife and me, I think her daughter Maisy was in the same preschool class as my girl Harper) and I thought this would make for a good story. My editors thought so to and here we go. It seems like a nice gig to have. I hope she gets some business out of it. Make sure you visit her website.

So I had three stories in the Enquirer today. I think that's a first. Unfortunately I don't have any in the hopper.

However, I just had a piece accepted by a national financial magazine. You never heard of it. It's a trade publication. When it come's out, I'll post it. It's a monthly and they have asked me to do one article per issue. It's nice having a regular monthly gig.

And now for the anniversary. That piece of Miglio/mural piece is my 100th article for the Enquirer. Not bad for a guy who just asked if he could work there. For a retrospective, here - from September of 2005 - was my first piece for them.

Stay You.
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