Friday, July 28, 2006

In Defense of Ass-kicking

I've done stupid stuff and maybe if someone had kicked my ass earlier I would have straigtened up earlier. The seeming rise in a lack of courtesy needs to address. the Divine Mrs. M and I have discussed this too much where our liberal friends and no qualms about spouting off about Bush's supposed "stupidity", or "evil", or "fascism". I'm thinking they just need a good dressing down or - if it comes to it - a sock in the nose.

But speaking as a father - as a dad - this woman just needs a good ol' Sonny on Carlo ass-kicking. No president or government has the power to make me behave that way. What's with these people? Giving away their sanity and self-control? Do they really think the president has much affect on their lives?

Stay You.
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