Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just further evidence that guys - straight or gay - are guys.

Also, I'm doing an article on a home health care organization. I had a brain storm. If this is already out there, then good. If not, I release it to the world as a gift from my brain.

One problem seniors face is remembering to take their pills. Couldn't there be a time released dispenser like those fancy cat and dog food dispensers they sell in skymall magazine. The pharmacist could load up a months supply of pills into the machine, sets a dispensing timer, and then the machine releases the pills into a little dish like kibble. Any time the there's a pill in the tray, grandma knows it's pill time.

That's my idea for the beneficiance of mankind. My other one that incorporates the dry cleaning industry with the tax code I'm saving.

Stay You.
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