Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Let's Talk About Sex

My parents bought a VCR in about 1983 or so. My father worked for GE so they were discounted.

This was the time where every entrepreneur was opening up a half ass video store and you could actually rent movies and watch them at home at your leisure - awesome. The VCR even had a remote that attached to the VCR via a long black cord that dangled across the living room to my fathers recliner and it would be guaranteed that my sister would trip over it carrying a bowl of popcorn or plate of spaghetti. This would either pull the remote from my father's hand or jerk the $600 VCR half off the TV and send my father into an obscenity laced downward spiral - until she did it again.

Anyway, we rented movie everyweekend. Being 13, I wanted to see boobies. A favorite was The Betsy. My parents would fast forward (blast that double edge sword technology) but I would remember the time marker and later I would sneak down and fast forward to that spot. I don't remember Olivier in that flick or Duvall - only two of the century's strongest screen presenses. What I remember was Kathleen Beller. I know that name still. Because of (warning) this scene. Not my type of girl at all and oh so 70s.

Another favorite was was Peckinpaugh's last film The Osterman Weekend and the girl of choice was Cassie Yates in (warning) this scene.

Those scenes really imprinted themselves onto my burgeoning sexuality. It spurned fantasies and hopes and dark desires. It was a basic building block for my sexual knowledge for far too long. I used the memories (with accompaning late return fees and rerentals snuck past the parents) to gin myself up for years.

Here's the issue: That stuff is pretty tame. It was hard to see boobies back then. You really had to work at it and make friends with guys with divorced parents or who at cool older brothers. Now, with the web, a young boy can sexually go from 0 to 60 with a few clicks and by the time mom is home from work he's already wrecked the car and grainy video of a girl, a donkey, and man in santa outfit have forever shocked his pyche.

What are these kids thinking now?

Stay You.
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