Thursday, July 27, 2006

Results Of My Brain Scan

A scan of my brain earlier today revealed no activity. I'm totally flatlining.

One good thing. I was working out last night and guess who is at my gym every Tuesday and Wednesday night. These ladies. They practice in a large aerobic room with (thankfully) a glass door. Last night I pulled a groin muscle - HAAAAAA!

Speaking of groins, I'll wear a cup as I go home tonight. I'm expecting the Divine Mrs. M. to throw a knee over that last paragraph.

I'm done. I have a totoal of 11 writing assignments from three different places. One due tomorrow the others due early next week, but first I must accompany both daughters, wife, and girl scout troop to Chuck e friggin Cheese. Maybe I won't wear that cup. The wife is short but she can build up a head a steam in that knee. What's more painful? The knee to groin or a couple hours of this.

Stay You.
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