Friday, July 14, 2006

Time to Pick on the Rich

Good and busy day today. I'm gonna rag on the rich in a minute to round out my week 'o class warfare. But first I finally got around to checking out haloscan.

To answer Madame Butterfly's quesion of who do I like, the answer is: not too many people. Happy? By like, I mean invite into my home and drink and eat with them. That's a short list. Don't get the impression that I walk around scowling at people - at least not on purpose and not because I'm (gasp) judging them.

But of people I want to get to know? I'd say the people that don't fit into those categories I've written about. Just because you're poor doesn't mean you're part of the chronically poor and just because you live in a "development", "subdivision" or gated community doesn't mean you lack a soul. Although they are easy to loss there, what with the muddy grass and the total depopulation that occurs during working hours. There are interesting people in both categories. But most people bore me.

Then mamma-to-be Moonbatty fires off two comments when she really should be practicing her breathing, or picking out onsies, or doing her kegel exercises or something. She says people are really:
1. Too overworked 2. Access to too few resources 3. Lack of exposure to certain information.
Is this even close to reality? Do you put yourself in previous generations shoes? We live in a wonderful time. When's the last time any of us did a 10 hour stretch of hard physical labor or worried about the crops coming in or the next pogrom. We live in a land of luxury. Too few resources/lack of exp? We may have too much information. People know what healthy and what's not. They just don't care?

Moonbatty and I are never going to see eye-to-eye. I think much of her contrariness is based on her intense attraction to me. I understand that, I'm use to that from women - and quite a few men. What I don't understand is how much of what she says comes out of left field. Get it? Left?

To do with the chronically poor, one statistic sums up my thoughts: In my beloved Commonwealth of Kentucky about 36% of pregnant woman smoke. It's embarrasing but there it is. There's not a person in the county who doesn't know that smoking is bad for you and worse for your child but it's done anyway. They just don't care!

As for my Big Leche comment: the middle class spends huge sums on luxuries: high speed internet, Starbucks, cells phones, too large cars, too big houses, timeshares, overly elaborate vacation, golf games, and lottery tickets. And yes, these are all luxuries. To complain about a few cents of gas seems rather trite. You moved to the suburbs jerk face - time to pay up. In my neighborhood, many people push rolling wire baskets to the grocery store or take the bus - just like my Detroit grandmother did. When they have some extra cash, they sometimes splurge on a cab. These folks don't complain about gas that much.

Moonbatty did have one point right. The only thing that permeates our economy more that oil is taxes. I just wish she cared as much for lowering those. I just paid my quarterly taxes (Grrrrr).

Alright, I've got two more articles to write, a regular job to keep, and then I'm working out. I've spent all my "attack the rich" energy. that'll have to come later.

Stay You.
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