Friday, July 07, 2006

When May I Hit?

Lileks finsihed today with something that reminded me of something from two weeks ago. Got that?

Anyway, Lileks was writing about taking his daughter to visit the downtown library for the first time and finished with this:
As we approached the library for the first time in our lives, a man pushed his way out the door: big frame, stout belly, backpack, headphones, sunglasses.

F*CK MILK, said his T-shirt. GOT POT?

Things change.

At one of the girls volleyball games two weeks ago, a 40ish man was leaning against a picinic bench talking with a man who looked about 60. This was in front of the snack bar. I was going to buy Harper some nachos and a sprite. The guy was wearing a t-shirt that read "Love Sucks - True Love Swallows". Little girls playing volleyball and boys playing soccer were crowded all around.

What I should have done is put on my best Foghorn Leghorn voice approached the man and said, "Sir, I say, Sir, I demand that you cover that offending garment or suffer the consequences."

Instead I said, "You want peppers on your nachos, hon?"

As a kid (3rd grade) I had a shirt with an R. Crumb drawing with "burp" coming out of the guys mouth. I thought it was killer!

Will my silence encourage this guy to wear a shirt reading "I'd like to kill your dog and rape your mother but your daughter won't give me back my pants?"

Of course, if he was really gutsy, he could wear an anti-Islam shirt. Now, those guys know how to handle offenses.

Stay You.
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