Monday, July 03, 2006

You Ladies Can Stop Frettin' Now - Howard's Back!

And I'm sexier than ever. I know you missed me.

I didn't just take a break. I went on vacation! Why didn't I say that? Because this is the internet, a public forum. Last think I need is my 7 regular readers knowing I've left my estate unprotected. A hormone crazed Moonbatty may have gotten together with Joseph to plan a road trip to Bellevue to knock down my door and rob me of my 19 year old 20" RCA tv...or my $169 microwave...or, well that's about it.

What wonderful place did we go? Crossville Tennessee. Yes. You read that right. Not only Crossville, but Mariner's Pointe! Now there's a number of reasons we choose this place. The first being it was a good deal - as in free - as in my parents gave the trip to us via some deal they have with their timeshare. Lodgeing paid for. Also, it was close so no bucks spent on airfare and no endless trips in the car that take me days to recover from. Maybe I'll post pics later.

Until then, let me paint you a word picture: A few hillbillies scrapped together their pelt and moonshine money, went down to the courthouse and bought a foreclosed "resort" on the Cumberland Plateau. Said hillbillies then go about running -sorry - runnin' the place. Sound like a premise to a late 60's TV show on CBS? No. It's Mariner's Pointe!

I kid, but I'm not exagerating too much. It was one of our better vacations. It matched our mood perfectly. I was relaxed within a day (a record) and still am. That's saying something since I didn't have a rum and coke for a few days. We didn't realize we were in a dry county. Yes, dry! The nearest place to get liquor was 40 miles away. The Divine Mrs. M. made that trip on Monday while visting an old friend.

Oh, and the Enquirer ran some stories. Here's a story on Thomas More College and FedEx with a great photo. Yes, that guy's going to a 18+k/year school. Doesn't he look happy? Our community college is doing some job screening, story here. NKU (George Clooney attended there) has a new student president with a big smile. Finally, Gateway proves my thesis that nurses are "hot and ready to party". No not really. Story here.

Enjoy tomorrow's lose-a-digit-playing-with-minor-explosives-while-drunk-on-domestic-beer holiday.

Stay You.
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