Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Gateway Mom Fullfills Promise

From the "it's never too late category" is this story about a 43 year old mom who just got her GED and is going to Gateway Community College with her two kids.

For some reason it didn't run on-line so my editor sent over this version. Sorry about the poor copy.

This woman kind of took me aback. She had a kid at 17, then that kid had a kid young. She became a grandmom at 37. One year older than me right now. Luckily my just turned 9 year old is at least a few years off from making any mistakes.

Life's all about choices. Made every day. Are you going to work today or calling in sick? Are you going to take a class today or watch some more tv? Are you going to do some situps or eat another burger? Which is it? Every day the force of our choices accumulates and builds up. Every day it gets harder and harder to turn back.

This woman is taking some action. Let's hope it's the start of alot of smart decisions.

Stay You.
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