Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dagny

Yesterday was my oldest's 9th birthday. The evening started out badly when she was watching the news - they said for her to at she does - and she learned that Pluto is no longer classified a planet. Since Pluto is her favorite planet (yes, she has a favorite planet) this brought tears.

How am I ever going to handle girls?

The Divine Mrs. M. suggested this was a good thing. Her take on it was that in honor of her 9th birthday, the structure of the univere changed - the scientific community took away the 9th planet.

We went to eat at the girl's favorite restaurant The Hong Kong Buffet in Newport Kentucky. Arghh! After I eat there I feel like Jackie Chan is leaning against my abdomin from the inside and squeezing my heart with a kung-fu greasy grip.

After that we went to Shine On, Bellevue, a little celebration of turning on some new street lamps along Bellevue's main street, Fairfield Ave. The lights came on at....9:00. Then the Divine thought, heh, the girl was born at noon. So at the lighting she is 9 years and 9 hours old.

Then we came back for cake and presents. I played side one of disk two of the white album. Track one is Birthday...but track 12 is Revolution #9 so I just had to play that.

At this point Dagny got creeped out so 5-year old Harper started repeating "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9" in the rounded English accent of the voice from Revolution 9 and chasing her screaming older sister around the house. She then chased mommie around saying "Number 37, Number 37", then me with a creepy intonation of "Number 36, Number 36".

Oh, she got a Lemony Snickets book and a $20 gift card to Claire's.

Stay You.
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