Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kids Off to School

Today's their last day of summer. It's full time school for both of them them. K and 4th grade. I can deal with the kids better as they get older. It's nice to see them conqueror challenges and met the world. They're doing a much better job at it than I did which gives me hope that they'll have a better life - not that mine's that bad.

However, like all things, I must ask - what does this mean for me?

I'm no longer single, no longer newlywed, no longer that nice young family that carries around the diaper bag and stroller and wet naps and bottles and binkies and onsies who knows who Blue is and that Bear in that house and that Canuk clown chick.

I'm a guy with kids.

I don't know how to be that guy. All the guys I know who are those guys are, or appear to be, dead inside. They have guts and are really into their TVs and really not into their wives. They play golf and wear golf shirts but never lose weight. Oh, God, I'm wearing a golf shirt right now! Ok, so it's a wine festival golf shirt so that takes the sting out...BUT IT'S STILL A GOLF SHIRT!

Life is closing in on me.

Stay You.
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