Monday, August 14, 2006

Last Weekend of the Summer

I didn't have anything to do this weekend - at least no work work. Nothing with a deadline. Nothing that needed to be done that if wasn't done would cause me panic and headaches today.

So I dug up a tree. The Divine Mrs. M. calls it a bush, but it was taller than me so that's a tree.

The we cleaned out the shed. Hadn't done that since we moved in in 1999. Lots of old pool toys and things that seemed nice to have for a new house - into the garbage. You can't hold on to everything.

So I did a little bit around this house. This is the last weekend of the summer. The kids start back to school on Wednesday. The Divine Mrs. M. goes to an orientation tonight. New grade. New teachers. New school. Excitement.

Too mellow to blog today. Three stories int he Enquirer. Here, here, and here.

Stay You.
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