Monday, August 21, 2006

Marcus Fiesel Family Moved

My doubts about the guilt of the Marcus Fiesel's foster family is really making people mad. Do they want these people to be the bad guys? I'm not saying they're not; I'm just saying wait.

Also, by the looks of my e-mail, alot of people are quite defensive about my rants against the burbs. After looking at past entries I will say that I've played that out and for my regular readers, I've become boring as hell on the topic. So from this point forward, no more rants about soulless, colorless, cultural suburbia, if you all will agree not to send any more e-mails that start off "Hey, A--hole".

The fingerpoint at the foster family escalated quite a bit when the family moved out. However, as we read today...

From today's Enquirer:

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said the family has moved.

"We're not concerned," said Sheriff's Office spokesman Steve Barnett. "It does not hinder our investigation."

He said the sheriff's office was aware that the family was moving. The foster parents are not considered suspects in the disappearance, Barnett said.

Neighbors saw the family moving a few pieces of furniture and some clothes out Saturday, but said the couple did not clear the house out.

On Sunday, the backyard was littered with children's toys, a bicycle and a trampoline. It was unclear whether the move is temporary or permanent.

Let's give these people a break. The woman may be totally innocent. She lost a child entrusted to her. Isn't that about the worst thing that you could have happen to you?

Here's an article I did for the Enquirer today on HVAC classes. Not too exciting but it's what makes our day comfortable.

Stay You.
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