Saturday, August 26, 2006

Marcus Fiesel: Follow the Foster Care Money?

Two developments with Marcus Fiesel. Sheriff Simon Leis has announced very little but that they are pursuing all avenues and following all leads. For non-Cincinnatians, Simon Leis has a storied history and his wikipedia entry is worth checking out. Channel 5 has learned that the foster mother's day care license has been termed for other reasons. I read somewhere also that the dad's girlfriend who was living with him and his wife had foster kids of her own.

Is Ohio facing a foster care crisis like Florida did a few years ago? Just asking? I'm asking for facts, but some of the money I've read about for caring for foster children sounds pretty good. What are they paid?

I guess my big question is: To show kindness, has the state agreed to pay large amounts for caring for foster kids that it attracts an unwelcome element to the system? Does it attract people who just want the check along with the genuine caring people that take these children in?

Stay You.
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