Monday, August 28, 2006

Marcus Fiesel: Foster Mom and Dad Murdered Him

Marcus Fiesel was tied up in a closet for 2 days while his foster mom and dad went to a family reunion. You know - because family is important. Enquirer story here.

The bitch tied him up in a closet. They came back 2 days later and Marcus was dead. Then her asshole of a husband drove out to rural Brown County and burned Marcus' body. The extended family helped cover it up.

I'm against capital punishment until about what I hear people do.

I was consoling myself with delusion. I thought maybe he was picked up by some gentle crazy woman who needed to care for someone and would turn him in once he got too out of control. Maybe something like Raising Arizona. I even thought if he was dead, maybe it happened quick. Maybe he didn't even feel it - a fall into a well or something; unfound but at last resting in peace.

No. They tied him up in a closet and shut the door. He was 3 with the brain of an 18-month old. Imagine the terror and fear. I want you to picture it. The temps were in the 90s then. Did the closet have a air duct? Not likely. Even if the air conditioning was left on the closet would have gotten hot with the door shut. Imagine the smell. Imagine the fear and confusion and the pain. The outright fright.

I hope a jury imagines it.

He was taken from his birth mom after falling from a 2nd story window. His birth mom gated him into a room alone for days. The walls were found smear with feces. He was then placed in this hellhole. He was put there. He was delivered with the sanction of the state into the hands of his murderers.

If he was too much trouble, all they had to do was make a call...and give up a check. Instead they stuffed him in a closet.

The Carroll's will not be put to death for this. Neither will any of the relatives that helped cover it up. They won't get the needle because they didn't intend to kill Marcus...and they are white.

Obviously the Ohio foster system needs reviewed. And the ones demanding the loudest review should be other foster parents.

This happened in a nice suburb in Ohio, a typical neighborhood in the richest most advanced country in the history of the world.

I'm sick.

Stay You.
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