Friday, August 25, 2006

Marcus Fiesel: Going A Bad Way

From the outset, I've said don't even suggest that that parents of Marcus Fiesel had anything to do with the disappearance. I did this out of hope...and dread. I think there's a special place in hell for pundits, bloggers, and next door neighbors who malign a mother with a missing child - even a foster mother.

My own initial gut reaction was that something was up at home. Unfortunately in life, we invite troubles into our home. We welcome them, feed them, and let them play with our kids and bring them into our bed. I've never been one to wear rose colored glasses. My glasses are, in fact, grey, dark, and cloudy.

For the foster parents, it looks as if things are going a bad way. I will still warn that the papers get stuff wrong all the time and so do the cops and the combination makes mistakes grow exponentially. Staci from Union Township posted some thoughts last night that were confirmed today in this Enquirer story.

  • The case worker was turned away at the last home visit with a "Marcus is sick" excuse.
  • Dad has a girlfriend...that lives in the same house.
  • Dad is bipolar.
  • There's been an arrest or charge of domestic violence (unconfirmed)
I appears that Marcus hasn't been scene since August 3. He went missing from the park August 15.

So circumstances and accusations are started to take a heated turn toward the foster parents. I still pray they are uninvolved in the disappearance. I don't want to think that Marcus went from a home where he fell from a 2 story window and was locked in a feces covered room into a place that was just as bad. I don't want to think that's possible. Let the sheriff think suspicious thoughts.

Stay You.
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