Monday, August 21, 2006

Marcus Fiesel - Grasping at Straws/A Just God?

"This kid literally vanished -- no evidence, no leads, nothing," Buop said.
That's from this story on still missing Marcus Fiesel. Tomorrow will mark a week that a child vanished like smoke from a suburban park.

They're looking into any lead whatsoever. The first hopes that he was lost or hiding but would come out when hungry are gone. He was only 3. He's someplace being held somewhere or trapped in a place where he can't be found.

He had a 10-minute head start. Dozens of volunteers, highly motivated and highly trained professional searchers with their dogs, and aerial spectrographs can't find a thing.

He had a hard life - his brain didn't work as good as others and he was taken away from his mother for reasons undisclosed - and I can't believe a just God would allow him a terrible end. But there is no just God. The sweep of history and loss of innocents from the exile from paradise to Buchenwald to a small part in southeast Ohio remind us of that. The only thing we can depend on is the alertness of neighbors and what must be an overtaxed sheriff's department.

I'm not too religious, but I believe one of the greatest sins is a loss of hope. Take a look at every kid. No matter how silly it seems, take a look in every little place. Stranger things have happened.

Anyone with information on Fiesel's whereabouts should call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

Stay You.
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