Friday, August 25, 2006

Marcus Fiesel: A Lot of Cruel People

I would never say there's no way Marcus' foster family had nothing to do with his disappearance. That would fly in the face of experience, statistics, and common sense. But a sense of decency urges me to keep my mouth shut about accusing a mother or father of a child's murder.

If someone ever accused me of being a child killer, I would consider that a punch in the face offense.

Apparently there's lots of folks who think otherwise. This site is full of hatred toward the mother who has not been shown to have done anything. Have some decorum. Talk about it with your friends and family in your homes, but to put your little assumptions, guesses, and - in some cases premonitions - into writing in public is just wrong. Blatantly calling a woman a child killer may cross the line into evil.

Go back to watching Springer or Oprah or whatever else it is you people watch. I'm going to finish work then go read The Crucible (uhmmmm! That's good allusion!).

Stay You.
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