Thursday, August 24, 2006

Marcus Fiesel: No Videotape

No one remembers seeing Marcus Fiesel at the park the day his mother passed out and Marcus vanished. The parks department apparently videotapes the park but...

As part of the investigation, officials reviewed surveillance tapes from Juilfs Park. Steve Barnett, spokesperson for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, said there were no usable images on the tape.

In fact, the tape was a blank blue screen, said Anderson Park Board Executive Director Molly McClure.

The machine was recording at the time, but it had not functioned properly. While the tapes are changed daily, McClure said, they are not reviewed on a daily basis, but only when something happens.

Story here. Later they explain that the tapes probably wouldn't have helped anyway since the cameras weren't focused on the area of the park where the family was playing.

The videotape recorder's failure may not have been that important, Barnett said.

McClure confirmed the camera was not located near where Carroll and the children were found.

Asked if a properly functioning camera would have made any difference, Barnett said it "probably wouldn't."

No, but maybe the camera could have caught the direction Marcus wandered away in or the direction - and description - from which an abductor may be come from.

Can I ask if any tax payers are pissed off that the cameras that their government purchased to protect the citizens were working? What are the cameras there for? It seems to me the equivalent of an on duty cop missing a bank robbery because he dozed off.

'Probably wouldn't'
just won't cut it. Someone wasn't doing their job and now a chance to have a clue of a child being found is gone. Who's responsible?

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