Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Marcus Fiesel Update

The (foster) mother of Marcus Fiesel gave a press conference to local media at the park where Marcus disappeared. The 45 minute video is here. A day by day account since Marcus' disappearance is here. I only see three options here:

1. Mom passes out and a predator just happens to be there and snatchs Marcus.
2. Marcus wandered off and is trapped or fell somewhere where he can't be found.
3. Marcus was never at the park which puts the blame on the foster parents.

I just don't see #1 as likely. The stats don't hold up. #2 seems unlikely considering the search that went on. If he is found at that park, someone needs to hold the sheriff accountable. #3 seems to be everyone's favorite and it would be my normal instinct, but for some reason I can't consider it. Yes, the husband failed a polygraph and yes no non-family member remembers seeing the boy for days before his disappearance. I can see my way past both. Dad was nervous and I can't remember the faces or names of my kids friends, much less busy moms who pass me on the street.

What other options and I not thinking of?

It strikes me as a little nuts that mom was caring for 4 kids and dad was caring for 3 others. Seven kids? Is this safe for the kids or the parents?

Also, from the Enquirer story.
In January, police reported that Marcus fell from a second-story window at the Middletown home of his mother, Donna Trevino. In April, he was taken away from Trevino after he was found wandering in traffic. Police reported that the home was filthy and that Marcus' bedroom consisted of a 2-inch foam mat in a gated room, where the walls, carpet and homemade gate were smeared with feces.
Why is it harder for me to get a back yard fence approved than for this woman to have kids?

Stay You.
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