Sunday, August 20, 2006

Marcus Fiesel's Family is Gone

I'll say upfront that I have no inside information. Everything I know is from the web or tv.

The foster family of missing Marcus Fiesel quickly moved out of there home. Story here. Witnesses say the mother who passed out with the heart condition helped in the move.

Obvious questions from the news accounts is did the police comment on the move and did the neighbors contact the police when the saw the move taking place. Those questions went unanswered.

I have no idea why the family bolted or to where. Maybe the media of which I'm a member, junior grade scared them away. Maybe all the neighbors are beginning to think they're in on Marcus' disappearance and couldn't take the accusatory glare. Could any of us? Maybe, just maybe, they have something to do with the missing boy, but the recent arrest in Bangkok in the Ramsey case should give some people pause.

My post yesterday slighting the suburbs was called sarcastic by the sole commenter, however I did receive e-mails rather angry about my silly comments about the 'burbs and the east side. A few didn't like my choice of living in Bellevue. For the record: I would say that it's not a ghetto and it's not where people come to buy drugs or whores. Yes, it is inner city, but I - a kid who grew up in the endless suburbs of Ft. Wayne, Ind. - feel rather comfortable here and just don't see what the writer sees. I'm raising my kids here. I feel safe.

However, I will say and have said that those people in the burbs confuse me a bit. The adults just bore me. Yes, that's a generalisation and we do have friends that live in the suburbs, but most of them bore me. I don't care about their large screen plasm or their SUV or their golf game or the basketball team of some college neither of us went to or the office politics of clawing your way into middle managment into some multinational. That's what many of them talk about. Most teenagers in the suburbs look like columbine kids to me - sullen, angry, empty and - worst of all - not terrible interesting or curious. Have you ever seen a poser goth from a Cincinnati burb? Kind of funny.

I find the kids in the city different. More mature. There is a certain maturity that a 17 year old kid has when he knows that mom and dad's two corporate income lifestyle isn't going to bail him out for life and that he probably isn't going to avoid any hard decisions about life until after he completes his 5 years of bachelors at some state school and finally runs out of intellecual steam 2 years into a masters program. 25 is a bit old to face life. The teenagers I met here are facing getting themselves into college or praying to get a union card somewhere or being stuck making $8 an hour. That clarifies things and fosters maturity.

Let's hope that Marcus Fiesel is found safe, well-fed, and smiling somewhere sometime soon.

Stay You.
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