Friday, August 04, 2006

McEwens sans Kids

Sunday the Divine Mrs. M. dropped the kids off with the parents. They've been in Ft. Wayne for the week and we pick them up tonight.

I almost feel like a calm rational grownup again...until about 8:10 p.m. tonight.

What did we do?

We worked. With our youngest going back to school, the Divine is finding time for some money making. She's doing an editing/fact checking job for a client that I stopped working with a year or so ago. She submitted the work later this week and almost immeadiately got an e-mail back asking if she's available for another project. She'll cover the mortgage from now on.

While she worked. I wrote some articles. They'll appear soon.

On Monday we headed up to Mt. Adams. You can see it from our back yard but we just never go. Here's the view from our restaurant. We had apps here. Then $2.50 long islands here.

Then we drove the very narrow, very curvy streets home.

Tuesday I took the day off. We shopped without looking over our shoulders to check were the kids went to. We talked. We even went to see the Johnny Depp pirate movie - an nobody fought about who gets to sit next to mommie!

Wednesday I came home, we made dinner, then we ate it while watching a romantic movie.

Last night it was to the levee for $4 aluminum bottles of Bud Light and to listen to The Rusty Griswalds. When you gotta hear some Rick Springfield, Bon Jovi, and that "Pour some sugar on it, Love" song (I'm hot;sticky sweet...) with other 33+ year olds...These are your guys. Only one drunk broad got carted away.

Now the drive to pick up the girls.


Stay You.
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