Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Candy Philosophy

In my view, candies are not created equal. Hard candies are at the bottom of the candy heap. Complicated, frilly candies - more than 3 ingredients - needs to be outlawed. Sour candies don't deserve the name. Anything Willie Wonka makes in pointless to me. In all cases, chocolate rules.

The pinnicle. The tops. Is the simple Hersey's bar. One that hasn't been frozen, or melted, or allowed to age too much is perfection.

Now for varieties sake, I'll allow a couple things to be added. Almonds or other nuts are fine. The puffed rice of a Crunch bar is pretty damn good. However, I hae to draw the line at adding caramel (too low a yield in flavor for the investment in messiness). Marshmellows? Come on?

This came up because I did this story for the Enquirer on two friends who aren't doing too badly pumping out the frillier stuff that I don't appreciate. Good for them. I'm glad that people like their stuff and they just e-mailed me saying their orders have increased a bit in the last day or that's nice...but I don't get it.

Give me some nice old plain milk - or on occassion - dark chocolate and I'm happy.

Stay You.
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