Friday, August 18, 2006

New School/Photoblogs

We were worried about our eldest at the new, larger, public school. But the first days reviews are - she loves it! the change in her attitude and personality from generally quiet and pleasant and carefree to estaticly carefree and eager to learn and wanting to tell us all about it is jarring to me.

She loves this new place and has stated outright that she doesn't want to go back to the old place - the place she loved. The people she loved. Strange. Makes us wonder. She says it's because the teachers are happier and have fun teaching. I can see her point. At the old school, there was one teacher - I kid you not! - who never smiled. She never changed her expression. It was as if her face was frozen. I thought she had a handicap of somesort, but no. She just never smiled. How do you not smile when teaching elementary school?

Then my important realization - Over the last 3 years, I sank a few thousand dollars into that place she now doesn't want to go back to. Arghhh! - but no. It was the best decision at the time.

Lileks today put me in a sad mood so I thought I'd post some photos from the summer just past and never to be had again.

Stay You.
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