Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Pro-life, anti-Gay Marriage Conservative For Guiliani

As I noted last week, I've simplified my politics to two items:
1. Low Taxes
2. Dead Muslim Terrorist
Whoever can accomplish those goals will get my vote. From what I can tell Guiliani is the man.

He's only been a major of a city and not a governor and not a senator. But NYC is the capital of the world. I would bet that being the executive of New York is just a tad more difficult than being governor of at least 30 states.

Not only was he mayor of the capital of the world, he saved it...twice. First, for my entire life until the 90s, New York was considered a horrible place. Sometime after On the Town, New York became Taxi Driver to the country until Mr. G. came along...And then his behavior during 9/11.

What can any of the other contenders claim? Passing some watered down education bill in their state after compromising with some pig farmer state senator from the north end of the state? Lowering a state sales tax from 4.5% to 4%? Guiliani took on the mob, took on Wall Street, and will take on the Mooslims.

Does his gay marriage thing bother me? Not too much. First, what real effect can the president have on that debate? Second, as I read somewhere, if you look at all the GOP frontrunners: John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, George Allen, and Mitt Romney, ironically the only one with one wife is the Mormon Romney. Not alot of respect for the institution of marriage there. In my personal experience, everyone I know who is against two dudes taking vows is either divorced themselves or in a very unhappy marriage.

If I remember right, Giuliani's announced his impending divorce from his second wife in a press conference before he told her. Don't care.

As for being for legalized abortion, as I noted before, Republican voting, middle class, Christian middle America will be pro-life as long as there's no chance of abortion being outlawed. Everyone is pro-life until their 16 year old daughter gets pregnant and then it's bring on the knitting needles!

So who has proven themselves to work at keeping taxes low and keep on the terrorists - just Rudy!
Stay You.
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