Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Reaching the Goal

My youngest daughter goes to school fulltime next Wednesday. We're not crazy about all day kindergarten but that's what we got here and she is more than ready.

When we drop her off, it will mark a major milestone. When my first daughter was born, we quickly decided that daycare just wouldn't cut it. There was no way we were dropping her off with strangers for 8+ hours a day. The nearest family is 3 hours away.

Our goal at this point was not to have the kids ever experience daycare.

We were still in an apartment. Couldn't afford a house yet. So we bit the bullet. The Divine Mrs. M. continued working where she was during the day. I bit the bullet and took a demotion to work the night shift for a large Boston based investment firm.

My day consisted of working from 11 - 7 am, saying goodbye to the wife, then watching the kid until she got home at 5 or 6. I then hit bed until 10ish to do it all over. The Divine's day consisted of coming home, eating dinner, putting the kid to sleep, then waiting to wake me up. Not very exciting for either.

Two years later, within the span of two weeks, we bought a small house, bought an even smaller brand new car, she quit her job, I started another (daytime), and tried to build up my business.

Now almost 9 years later. The last kid is going to school. Goal reached.

We did it without going broke, into too much debt, or getting divorced.

Now we can lord it over the girls the rest of their lives.

Stay You.
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