Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where's Marcus Fiesel

People usually let you know they're nuts...if you keep your eyes open. The guy they nabbed for the JonBenet killing obviously looks nuts. He should be arrested for that reason alone. Remember that runaway bridge chick...crazy eyes...she's nuts. Put her away or at least don't work yourself up into a nationwide panic when she 86's it out of Georgia.

Sure, we'd lose good freaky looking people like Steve Buscemi and Peter Lorre, but....

Speaking of missing kids and on a tragic note, on Tuesday in Cincinnati, a mom passed out from a heart condition at a playground while watching her kids and babysitting. Her 3-year old developmentally delayed foster son wandered off. Mom was out for about 10-minutes. The other kids were younger but stuck around. The playground is in a heavily wooded area. They were hoping that he was hiding in the forest, but they've called off the search. Suspicions turn to a snatching, but that's improbable: a passed out mom and a creek just happens to be there. Not likely. Suspicions will start to turn to foster dad...and maybe foster mom. From this Enquirer story:

From Anderson Mercy Hospital, Liz Carroll told reporters during a speakerphone conference that she had not seen or heard from her husband since he went to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office early Wednesday morning to make a statement and take a polygraph test.

Barnett of the sheriff's office, would not confirm if a polygraph test was conducted but said that David Carroll was not in custody.

"No one is under arrest and no one is being held," he said.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope he's found just a little bit hungry and thirsty. I'll keep you updated.

Stay You.
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