Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who's Howard McEwen/Guilt Over Marcus Fiesel

My site meter is going up faster than my cholesterol because of my entries about Marcus Fiesel. It raises two points that I thought I should address.

First, who is Howard and what is this Pure Investor? I'm Howard. I'm an investment advisor who lives in Bellevue Kentucky and has an office in Western Hills (Bluecollarish westside of Cincinnati). I'm also a freelance writer (see here). I write mainly for the Enquirer and Community Press but work elsewhere. In this forum I'm a blogger. I originally set up this site to help market my book The Pure Investor (feel free to go ahead and buy one) but I soon realized that I said all I wanted to in the book. I found that when you lay out your general principles and adhere to those, the little things that happen from day to day or month to month are somewhat boring. Also, much of it is just the same old shat. Very boring after awhile so the blog turned into a personal site where I can do a brain dump.

It's therapy. Also, it helps my wife who doesn't have to listen to me rant about these things. I'm been doing it over two years now. I've got some regular readers and people I trade comments and barbs with. They are mostly listed off to the right.

Now you new people have to go away, this is for my regular readers

Just us now? OK

I started blogging about missing Marcus Fiesel because it struck a chords with me. A kid handed a crappy life almost gets into a safe place and then things have appeared to get horrific. But after the first couple posts my hits went through the roof. There's no financial profit just the ego stroke of a 100+ people a day reading you - based on a missing kid. I don't like these hits. They make me feel uncomfortable. It doesn't seem honorable. I'm thinking of disabling my sitemeter but - truth be told - I have been overly curious how many hits I am getting.

Very strange. Should I disable it? Should I not care?

Stay You.
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