Thursday, September 07, 2006

Peace & Justice/My First Magazine Piece

That's what I called this article I did for the Enquirer today. Thomas More College seems like a nice place. All the people I deal with are professional and seem happy to be there and proud of their work...but.

One thing they do highlight is alot of this social justice stuff. I have no problem with that...but alot of time it's just a nicer way of saying socialism. I have no problem with that...excepting nothing makes people poor like socialism - equally poor (that's where the justice comes in) but still poor. But if they're into promoting it at their 18K a year school that's fine by me.

My real problem isn't with Thomas More at all. It's with their parent organization - the Roman church. There seems to be at least a superficial promotion of "social justice" there also. Before preaching it, how about selling off a couple da Vinci's to fund a hospital or two. Oh, and before you start telling people in Calcutta and Africa to not use birth control, should you berate nice European and US Catholics. Most that I know have only 2-3 kids. I'm sure this isn't the result of abstentian...or the rhythm method.

Today I'm celebrating the publication of my first magazine piece. Here's the link (pdf here). Boomer Market Advisor is a gloss for investment guys like me who want to tap into the Baby Boomer market.

Not much to say, except that it feels nice to merge my investment education /experience/career with my writing sideline. I haven't got a hard copy yet, but I may have to post a pic of should be alot prettier. I see most of my stuff online because I'm too cheap and lazy to buy the papers. When I do see myself in actual print, there is a bit more of a thrill. I guess it's because it's all professionally laid out and prettied up more than what we're use to on the web.

Stay You.
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