Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pope V. Mooslims

In the newly evolving grudge match between his popishness and a bunch of highly animated Mooslims, I feel like using that old Kissinger quote about the 80's Iran/Iraq war - "To bad they both can't lose."

My nascent anti-Catholism is growing I guess. However, no matter what they've done, I look around the world and see great art, hospitals, and schools that wouldn't exist except for the Roman church. I also look at places like India and Africa where the church discourages poor people from using condoms and think - well, that is a negative. A catastrophic negative! And then there's that other negative - the rampant pedophila that's been alternately encouraged and covered up by the boys in stolls. That's a negative too.

But then again, what have the Mooslims done for anyone since the fall of Constantinople?

And what's wrong with these Mooslims? They get so irate about some fruity old kraut in Rome that not many people listen to mumbling something or other and they take the day off work and burn effigies and shot nuns in the back. Come on? Do you really care what the guys thinks? Sound like a bunch of cry babies.

They're broadcasting TV versions of the Protocols of Zion and cheering when we get attacked and our leaders start blathering "religion of peace, religion of peace."

And where do they get all those American flags to burn?

Stay You.
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