Thursday, September 07, 2006

Remember "Merry Fitzmas"

The "dean of the washington press corp." David Broder writes:
These and other publications owe Karl Rove an apology. And all of journalism needs to relearn the lesson: Can the conspiracy theories and stick to the facts.
Remember "Merry Fitzmas"? I do. It seemed like the administrations opponents were hoping that the White House were implicit in the attempted murder of a CIA agent. Isn't that the logical conclusion of the charge of outing a covert agent?

It seemed they wanted proof the president would do this.

Isn't that a bit...unseemly. To what the president to be tarnished like that. Isn't it a bit unpatriotic? Isn't it a bit disgusting?

During Monica gate I don't think I was hoping with glee that the president was a perjurer in the fact that a young woman gave his neather regions a tongue bath.

Now that it's disclosed that the leak was an opponent of the administration, it's "Oh, nevermind." Let's hang this guy like they wanted Cheney hung...oh, but there wasn't a crime was there?

Stay You.
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