Monday, September 25, 2006

Tired of Politics

I'm taking a break from it for a while - at least a week.

On Saturday I'm to attend a bloggers conference with these guys. I'm kind of burnt out on it. My mother-in-law is in the hospital. She's going to be there - or at least recovering - for a good long while. The Divine Mrs. M. drove the 3 hours to help out last weekend and the kids and I went with her this weekend. There's a 30' of 6' privacy fence sitting in what my realtor called a driveway that needs to be installed. Last night, my stomach turned against me because I ate at this place at 7:30 then drank 8 lbs of cola on the drive home to stay awake. So I watched Clinton blow up on Fox news. I saw this silly episode of this show I've been watching.

I guess the think that touched it off was my column for CiN Weekly where this website was published under the article actually lowered my hit traffic. Actually, the traffic isn't what set off my apolitical streak, but the comments of some anonymous commenter. No guts turned a cheeky little rant about bad radio into politics right away. There seems to be too many people acting like 25 year olds (like I was) assuming everything is political. Do these people not associate with people from the other side of the fence? Seems a little scary to me. I

'll admit that I just don't see the other side's point. I read their blogs, I listen to the news. I don't know for sure, but our general circle of friends (acquaintences in my case) are blue collar dems. But I just don't understand their point. It's like they're speaking French.

Oh, here's a tiny story I did on Saturday for Thomas More College's homecoming.

Stay You.
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