Friday, September 22, 2006

Touchy, Touchy: On Teachers and Terrorists

Today's Enquirer follows up on a story about a teacher protesting...I'm not sure what. He was dismissed as a coach and he seems to be steamed up because...
Carrigan was unhappy that teachers at the high school are required to electronically sign in and out. In asking members of the teachers union to join him in a protest of that and other issues, Carrigan wrote that teachers were being treated as if they were "part-time uneducated workers."
He doesn't want to punch a clock. Sorry. He's highly educated you see. Maybe he has his masters degree.

This highlights one of the great truths of teachers - they are oh so touchy. One aspect of this that was highlighted to me several years ago and has been proven again and again to me is that the easier the Ph.D. is to get, the more insistent the Ph.D. is that you call them "Doctor".

A physics professor? His students probably call him "Pete". Someone with your master of education? Their business card probably reads: Dr. Joe Smith, Ph.D.

The reason is all about self esteem. The physics prof, the M.D., the theortical mathematician have all derive their self-worth from doing things. When you truly earn something, you don't care who knows about it. If you have doubts about the worth, you over compensate.

It's also the reason the un- or under-employed guy gets into bar fights over imagined slights. Your looking for a way to justify your own worth.

I think that's the root cause of the crazy jihadi's. They come from a culture that hasn't really had anything to brag about in 700 years or so. There's no there there. Until recently, ever time they took the Israel they got whooped. Their wealth comes from paying foreigners to pump out natural resources which is then refined elsewhere. If it wasn't for that, they'd have nothing.

So when an incomprehensible novel is published, you issue a fatwa, when the Pope mumbles something, you shoot a nun. When a filmmaker (still unrecognized at any industry ceremony) makes a movie about the hardships of being a woman in Arabia, you stab him in the chest. When a bunch of dicks crash planes into buildings, you go into the streets and cheer.

Stay You.
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