Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Victoria Cross/Congressional Medal of Honor

The Telegraph is serializing the autobiography of Johnson Beharry. He won the Victoria Cross, the highest honor the queen can give to a soldier facing the enemy. It's similar to our Congressional Medal of Honor.

Here's today. It's worth reading all of it but page 5 is the best part for me.

Do you know the name of the most recent Congressional Medal of Honor winner? It was just last year. He's unknown. Didn't make a magazine cover or even a movie of the week. From what I can tell, not even a Wikipedia entry. Shouldn't we know him?

Whether for the war or against it but "support the troops" (whatever), what's it say about us that he's unknown.

But his wife knows. So does his mother. His two kids know. He doesn't. He's dead.

Here he is. Read the citation.

Stay You.
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