Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Welcome CiN Weekly Readers

Welcome to CiN Weekly readers! Browse around, have a drink, stay awhile.

I try to blog every day. I try to keep it light. Here's my vitals. I wrote a book. Here's a review. I work on the west side and live in Bellevue. You can email me at hlmcewen - @ - juno . com

To my regular readers:

Cincinnati has a weekly events magazine unfortunately named CiN Weekly - sounds like a Las Vegas hooker catalog to me. It's reviews of restaurants, movies, art shows, concerts. Very apolitcal.

Each week, they print on the back page The Last Word - a rant from folks about nothing in particular. Two weeks ago was a bit from a curvy TV news producer, last week was a local news anchor going back to work after materinty leave. This week, they ran a piece I wrote (blogified version) about the closing of WOXY.com.

Hope you enjoy.

Stay You.
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