Sunday, October 29, 2006

City Council Election Coverage

I know I should but I have a hard time ginning up interest in the various small town city council elections around Northern Kentucky. It's really not right. Alot of decisions are made there that can really affect the lives of the people in those cities. There's also alot of fighting over these small projects.

Our state senator once approached the Divine Mrs. M. bout running for state rep. The Divine Mrs. M said she'd like to do something like school board or city council. The state rep said, "That's a career killer. A fter a 4-year term you are guaranteed to make everyone mad at least once." People get upset when it's in their backyard.

Just in case you do have alot of interest in the Highland Heights or Silver Grove Kentukcy City Council races, the stories I did on those races are here and here.

Stay You.
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