Saturday, October 14, 2006

The End Is Near/Another Reagan Lesson

The title is actually a reference to a book party I went to for the new - and final - Lemony Snickett's book, The End. THe family went last night because 1. we hadn't had any family time, 2. Oldest daughter is sooo excited about it, 3. THe Divine MRs. M. and I had to see just how tired and how bored we could make ourselves before one of us saw divorce in the other's eyes. At 9:37, I think I saw that fateful glimmer in hers, but then I bought us some gyros at a place across from the book store and our vows remained intact.

But while I was on a hunt around the bookstore with my oldest looking for a book with Terrible in the title, the overidingly dire Snickett's title remineded me of being a similar age.

I was about the same age during the 1980 election. In what will prove to be atheme in my lack of high school dating expreience and attaining my goal of having anyone...anyone touch my winky, I was a news junkie. In 1980's a news junkie watched 30 minutes of network newscast, PBS roundtable discussions on Friday night (or was it Saturday) and the Sunday morning talk shows.

I was for Reagan. I can't remember why but it was probably because my parents were. From the news the night of election day, I remember going to bed thinking he had lost. Flashforward 4 years to a new city, a new election, and a similar result. I carry the impression of being worried - actually worried - about Reagan winning from watching the news. For those who can't remembers, it was a 49 state sweep.

It was a pattern that we should all be use to . It's never that bad. The media always over plays dem prospects while always seems to motivate Republican turnout.

My political platform now consists of two plank: 1. dead terrorist and 2. low taxes. All else is chaf.

Get out an vote. Losing 50 seats is silly.

Stay You.
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