Friday, October 06, 2006

Hastert's Blue Dress Moment

In today's National Review Online, Myrna Blyth asks a few questions.

But just as big a problem is that the House leadership was so dumb or disinterested that they really believed (at least, so they say) Foley’s alleged excuse that he was just “being friendly.”

Didn’t they ever wonder why a 52-year-old congressman needed a 16-year-old friend? A congressman whom almost everyone on the Hill thought was gay?

Would they have believed him and then just gone about their business if the one receiving the e-mails was their own son?
I've have my problems with Hastert, the House and it's leadership, but I'm fairly flexible and I'm not up there trying to run a war on terror and give tax breaks, etc. I give them a break.

However, this Foley thing is my blue dress moment. It's when I realize that these guys - after 10 years in power - have lost touch. They don't think to ask those questions that Blyth does above.

I call it my blue dress moment because that's when I became fully confirmed in my disgust with Clinton. I was happy with the Gore led NAFTA. I was happy with some of the tax cuts; unhappy with the raises - but at least there were cuts and at least he signed on - after 3 times - to welfare reform which has trickled down to drastically improve my high welfare receiving city.

But he was a creep. He always gave me a creepy vibe. Yes, the perjury was criminal. Yes, the lying was wrong. Yes, sending his cabinet officers - including the sec. of state - to defend him was contemptable.

But that blue dress was what bothered me. Maybe I'm limited in my exposure of this....but... Monica was, uh, servicing him, right? They were at work, right? In work clothes? Yes. And he get's it on her dress. You know the it. The DNA evidence?

He couldn't give her a head tap? He couldn't give her a "here it comes, baby" or a "Thar she blows, matey"

I can see him just letting go and no worrying about it. He's just that type of guy who doesn't care. I think that just shows an attitude of total disregard for basic human interaction. (By some standards, that boat may have sailed when long before then). Then she walks back to the intern pool with the other interns...wiping off her dress.

Anyway, learning of the dress was the moment I thought "This guy's gotta go." Learning that Hastert didn't follow up on over friendly e-mails from a middle aged straight or gay man to a 16-year old boy or girl makes me think "This guy's gotta go."

Stay You.
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