Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Howard McEwen, Blogger

I'm fast approaching the 15,000 mark in hits. That's cool. Also, I noticed sometime in the last week or so I was upgraded from a Crunchy Crustacean to a Lowly Insect on the TTLB ecosystem.

That's neat.

What's not neat is conspiracy theories. My grandfather was a nut for them. He believed in every wild government paranoia story you can think of. I guess I recoiled from that and don't believe in any conspiracy theories. Mostly because I've seen how idiotic most corporations behave. They can't sell widgets much less corner the widget market.

But while checking my hits, I noticed that someone googled my name. Here's the record. My father has the same name but I noticed this search came from Frankfort, specifically the Commonwealth of Kentucky department of Information Systems. They even looked at my comments.

Weeeeird. Just days after I attend a conservative bloggers conference in Lexington. Big brother is tracking and watching me.

Or it's a jealous husband. The ladies dig me. I never touch, but that only makes them want me more. I'm sure some wife whose fancy I caught called out my name while making love to her husband. Happens alot. It's my cross to bear.

Stay You.
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