Monday, October 23, 2006

Howard - "a reader"

One of my favorite columns is Jay Nordlinger's Imprompotus on National Review Online. From today's (about 8 bullet points down)
You may recall an item from last Wednesday’s Impromptus. It included this amazing news bulletin: “Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has been using campaign donations instead of his personal money to pay Christmas bonuses for the support staff at the Ritz-Carlton, where he lives in an upscale condominium.”

There’s a lot of deliciousness packed into that single sentence, isn’t there? First, there’s the fact of Reid’s using campaign donations instead of his own dough to tip his doormen. Second, there’s the fact that this Democratic lion lives in the Ritz-Carlton — “in an upscale condominium.”

I’m guessing there are few downscale condominiums at the Ritz-Carlton.

Anyway, this news story went on to tell us that Reid was “personally reimbursing his campaign for the $3,300 he had directed to the staff holiday fund at his residence.”

The story did not tell us over what period of time the $3,300 was disbursed. But a reader wrote in with a fascinating point: “Now that Reid has to reach into his own pocket, will he pay the doormen less, or the same? Power to the People.”

Not a bad point, I thought. Hey wait! That's my point. I did send Mr. Nordlinger an e-mail with those thoughts. I rarely do this, but as the nutty evangelicals say "the spirit moved me".

It's been a dream of mine since I first read National Review at 15 or so to appear in it. Now I've done it...even the online version...even if I'm just called "a reader." (although I did give my blog address).

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