Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Don't Have Sex with Teenage Boys

Just thought you'd like to know. I like chicks. Soft and curvy ones. Long blonde hair and big busts - that's me! Nice gams are great but not a requirement for me.

Now I shouldn't assume that Florida rep actually had sex with teenage boys, but I figure if you flirt with them at sometime in the past one of them obliged you either under inquistiveness, or by feeling pressured. You know. Because you're a US Congressman.

I guess it's something I don't understand. I can see how a 16 year old boy can be attractive to a girl of about the same age, but I don't even like most actresses now because they look like boys with boobs. Skinny, frail looking people aren't for me. I guess it's just not my cup of tea.

However, you can't tell me that the Republican leadership didn't know about this...even a little bit. Tongues wag. They should have looked into it. There is nothing wrong with the Dems letting this loose so close to an election. That's there job. They're the opposition. Same a when they released Bush's drunk driving conviction days before the 2000 election.

It was the Republican's job to make sure it didn't become a political liability. You know. By dong the right thing. The moral thing. By keeping this jerk off their backs. I knew a house page once. They're away from home. In a strange place. In exciting work 14 hours a day then party like a 16 year old all night. Then you got this middled aged queen working you over like a...middle aged queen.

If Hastert knew anything about this. Even a bit. He should be gone. Leave it to the Dems to stick it to the little guy (he he). I still don't know why this bespected fatso is the speaker. It's a television age and this guy can't buy contacts or get lasik? He can't have an aid in charge of blocking him from 3 pieces of chocolate cake? He can't afford a haircut that costs more than $7? Now, he can't keep a committe chairman from didling boys?

Denny's gone. Either the Republicans should toss him or let the voters make him the minority leader.

Stay You.
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