Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Morning Mourning

It's monday and I have a cold. A bad one for me. I'm sitting at the office, trying to keep myself occupied.

Little Kim exploded something above the 38th parellel. Is anyone surprised? Nukes use to be like phones in cars. Only boring responsible people had them. Now what if they're like cells to us. Any crack pot can get one. If a backward black regime like North Korea can summon up the courage to tell the world to "frock off" for 15 tyears and actually has the brains to build a rather complicated device, what will the world look like?

But those worries are for another day. My head hurts. My nose is running.

If you want to learn about college kids loosing weight, check out this piece I wrote. If you want to know about a kid coming from Jamaica to Cincinnati then read this.

Stay You.
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