Monday, October 16, 2006

News from Soviet Canuckistan

Alot of exrement has been going on lateley. I don't have any on me, but when it's around you, you can still get a bit down. Plus I've been putting in a lot of work....Christmas is coming. So it's hard to really get animated about anything - and I have campaign work to do in a couple weeks. But nothing gets my blood going like Mark Steyn. From an interview he did for a paper in his native Soviet Canuckistan. The whole thing deserves reading.
I'm in this for the three year-olds. My youngest child is six now, but my little girl and your little girl, when they're our age, they will find a large number of places in what we think of as the free world, the developed world, far less congenial than we would. I mean, you and I would think nothing of hopping on a plane, going to London, Paris or Berlin. Those are going to be very uncomfortable places for a young, middle-aged Western woman circa 2020, 2030, and it's precisely because we've taken for granted this very unusual period in history. We take it for granted that it's a permanent state of affairs. It isn't. It requires incredible vigilance and incredible effort to preserve it.
I have two daughters and I see them getting sandwiched between two cultures that are going to pump up against each other like a prison rape. It's much like America.

On the one hand we have these wonderful religion of peace types, whose demographics (compared to white people's) make them the ascendant power not only in the middle east but in Europe as well, who will want to stone my girls for driving a car or for starting up their own falafel stand. On the other is the world of the Bratz dolls - every girl a happy lollipop headed whore.

America is the same way. The head severers say we're decadent; the Europe dopes say we're way to evangelical Christianized. I go popeye on 'em. I am what I am. We are what we are.

The only problem is that in the world of 2006, far too many americans see more danger in a 55 year old woman in Kansas donating to the 700 club and voting for a Republican than they do in a people that say they want to destroy us.

Well, I have no fear. I know my girls will keep their Bratz dolls - and the Bill of Rights - clutched firmly under their burkas.

Stay You.
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