Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Road to Bloggerville

My back's a little sore. After takingt he road to bloggerville yesterday I torn down my back fence. If it's true that good fences make for good neighbors - that old chain link fence sucked. Let's see what a $400, 6' tall privacy fence can do.

Yesterday I went to a blogger conference with these guys in Lexington. The meeting started at 10, I left Bellevue a little before 8ish. I'm having trouble eating. Many things have been turning my stomach lately - I'm beginning to wonder if I'm pregnant. Anyway, I got to Lexington. Found the 31 story 5/3 bank building but I was 45 minutes early. Since I hate small talk I wondered around a bit and found a two block farmers market. None of this stuff turned my stomach.

I bought a bagette from a hippy chick she also offered some olive oil which really hit the spot. After a few minutes of chit chat with her, a few hunks of a semi-tastless bagette, I tired of her smell of pachouli so it was off to my first blogger conference. Here's a brief outline from a dude who liveblogged the thing.

These guys were mostly political in nature. Which I am too, but I tend to get bored with politics and economics easily. I've boiled down my beliefs to a few simple tenants. I disagree with those that try to violate them, but people always will. That's life. Let's have a drink.

But they were nice and will do lots of good things and I hope that I can help in some ways...on the perifery.

But then the drive home was a pain. Downtown lexington is small, but I sure couldn't find my way out of it. I drove back and fourth over 10 blocks 4x until something looked familiar - but nothing did. So I figure if I just get on a road and keep driving I either hit i-75 or end up in some back country hollor but at least I not be here.

Then a downpour began.

Then my dash board turned into a Christmas tree. "Low Coolant", "Need Oil Change", and finally, "Low Tire Pressure". The coolant I wasn't worried about. My car's cooling system is haunted by a particular poltergeist that I'm not about to exercise because I have two little girls and I know what happened to that one little girl who was in that Poltergeist movie. So I keep a gallon of coolant in the back and my eye on my temp gauge.

I stopped at a gas station in some little town north of Lexington where I found the offending tire and gave it a little air, I then when inside for the bathroom and a coke and found a Pakistani guy behind the counter yelling at some hispanic dudes in Spanish. His Spanish must not have been that good because the Mexicans were giggling at him. A patrician old white man stood behind the counter, behind the inflamed pakistan with a blank look on his face. Only in America I thought.

I got back in the car and needed something simple to listen to, so I switched the iPod over to Bad Company's 10 from 6 and let Paul Rodgers rock me on home. Bad Company - bad music for good times.

Then I torn down that fence. Today I start building another.

Stay You.
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