Saturday, October 28, 2006

Testing Howard

Sorry for the lack of posting this week but I've been a bit slammed with paying writing. This site losses out to a check of any kind or amount.

My first humourous piece (I hope) appeared in the Enquirer today. It's here. It even has my picture.

From the article:
I was speeding through the answers now. Then question 28 brought things to a full stop.

A certain pool needed a certain number of ounces of chlorine that was only sold in two-liter bottles. I had no idea how many ounces were in a gallon or how many liters were in a gallon. "What am I?" I thought. "Canadian?"

They did take out two things I kind of liked. The had the distinct feeling the test administrator had to come into work on a Saturday for me and my cute little article and the gag on my having to go to the bathroom.

More stuff coming tomorrow - I hope.


Stay You.
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